Our Story


Barry Logan, Glass Artist, Sarasota, FL, began learning how to create *Dichroic Fused Glass Art Pendants in the winter of 2014 with a local glass artist, followed by classes at Sarasota School of Glass, learning about the nature of fused glass and the design possibilities available with this medium.

In his new studio, Barry made many simple designs of glass, testing out his newly acquired kiln, cutting and grinding tools. Not content with just producing “two-blobber” pendants & earrings, he took additional classes with Tanya Veit, world-renowned Master Glass Artist-Teacher at her studio, AAE Glass, in Cape Coral, FL. Barry discovered his own talent for unique designs and so continued experimenting until midsummer, when he took a more advanced class with Tanya Veit, “A Master’s Class–5 Day Jewelry Boot Camp”. Barry’s subsequent fused glass creations reflect the gorgeous color combinations, patterns and shapes achievable through many long hours of designing, fusing, shaping, grinding, and fire-polishing.

Barry’s interest in experimenting with this medium resulted in his expansion into creating two sizes of fused-glass novelty dishes, each with unique colors and designs. You will see a definite love of the sea and tropical Florida in Barry’s work, and he engages his wife in enhancing some styles with quality beading designs.

*Dichroic Glass is made in the USA by vaporizing metallic oxide onto thin glass sheets in a controlled vacuum. Multiple layers of treated glass create the dazzling array of colors. The cut and stacked pieces are fused in a kiln, sometimes upside down and then right side up, often several times. Further annealing, grinding, shaping and fire polishing result in brilliant one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces to be enjoyed for years to come.


The fused glass products on our website are individually hand crafted in the USA!